Bradford Ignitions

UK motoplat is the only place in world that sell, fixes and repairs bonified motoplats. We are the experts in this field. GUARANTEED. Also we can reset the magnets for Husky 410 – 610 and also provide new Maico, KTM, Husky Motoplat Stators. We are the only place in the world that can guarantee this equipment.

About Motoplat

We have been repairing Motoplat ignition stators since the early 1990’s with excellent success.  We also repair Motoplat HT coils as the originals are getting hard to find and the pattern replacements are not very reliable. We find it more reliable and cost effective to repair the original coil, both single and twin leaded coils. We also repair Motoplat ignition modules and igniters as trying to source these new is vertually impossible.

As well as repairing the Motoplat system our company also specialise in all aspects of motorcycle electrics, rewinding of generators, ignition stators, starter motors, armatures and field windings.

We also have full facilities to run up the ignition system to check for faults and performance.

Most of the ignitions that we rewind we can get further performance which gives better starting and more pull midrange.  As long as you have an ignition to repair then we can repair it. We not only repair ignition for Motoplat but we also repair stators for Sherco Beta and Gas Gas plus all the Japanese ignitions are covered as well. Selettra is another ignition that we repair this one is particular troublesome on the Gas Gas Boy 50.

Because we have been testing and repairing Motoplat ignitions for many years we feel that we can give free trusting advice to people who my contact us either by phone or e-mail.

If you have a troublesome Sherco 4t year 2005 2006 then we can supply a carburettor kit that will cure all the bad starting and will give more smoother power and torque, the kit also comes with an uprated ht coil.