Sherco 4T Jet Kit

This kit eradicates all the problems associated with starting and running of the 4T.  This kit will also give greater torque and BHP, as can be seen on the before and after dyno graph.


This is a digital ignition which came out in 1999 on the Beta techno, the Rev 3 came out in 2000 and incorporated the same ignition, this ignition suffers 2 main stator problems, one is the output source coil goes low in resistence, the correct resistance should be 460-480 ohms.

The other problem is that the black trigger modules pack in. Symptoms of this are the engine starts and revs but when put under load it just misfires and won’t rev out.

Selectra ignition stators which are put on the KTM65 suffer from failiure aswell, even though they are an encapsulated coil we can rewind and repot them. The resistance should be 110-120 ohms.

Whichever of the problems you may have with any of the formetioned we can either rewind the stator the source coil or replace the trigger modules.

SEM system fitted to mainly KTM Husaberg and VOR

SEM is an other ignition stator that we rewind this has also given bad
problems over the years, fitted mainly to KTM  HUSABERG HUSQVARNA. The main
problem was that the source coil windings would go open circuit or they
became very difficult to start.
We have over come this problem by using high quality enamelled wire and
terminating the coils in a more reliable manner which is proving to be very
successful. Like all the other ignitions that we rewind they are run up on
the test rig to test for possible fault and performance.